Samsung SMART Program Fail Cnt Total (parameter B5)

So.. I got a SMART fail count of 43696827 on a Samsung HD204UI drive in my NAS. That could/should be bad..

For the record, the complete SMART info on my ReadyNas is:

 Serial:   SxHxJxKBxxxxxx
 Firmware: 1AQ10001

SMART Attribute
 Raw Read Error Rate           32
 Throughput Performance         0
 Spin Up Time               10147
 Start Stop Count             687
 Reallocated Sector Count       0
 Seek Error Rate                0
 Seek Time Performance          0
 Power On Hours             45428
 Spin Retry Count               0
 Calibration Retry Count        0
 Power Cycle Count             62
 Program Fail Cnt Total  43696827
 G-Sense Error Rate            28
 Power-Off Retract Count        0
 Temperature Celsius           28
 Hardware ECC Recovered         0
 Reallocated Event Count        0
 Current Pending Sector         0
 Offline Uncorrectable          0
 UDMA CRC Error Count           0
 Multi Zone Error Rate          4
 Load Retry Count               0
 Load Cycle Count             687
 ATA Error Count                0

Raw Read Error Rate non-zero, just over five years of use. Time to replace or what?
Just a fun fact, I have an identical drive in the same NAS, with the same (difference less than 100) number for this SMART Parameter B5, with a raw read error rate of 0.

Time to pay attention to this firmware update: Nope, my drives were manufactured after december 2010, and after that date, no new firmware was released for these drives.

I’ll just live with it, backup (more) often and perhaps, I’ll replace a disk (or two)..

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